Professional Fur Cleaning, Repair, Restyling and Storage

Fur Storage

Professional Fur & Shearling Storage

Fur-storageA fur coat exposed to heat and humidity will be slightly stiffer as it ages, since its skin has lost some of its natural oils and dried out a bit. Eventually this drying will lead to cracking of the skin and excessive fur loss due to shedding. Protect your investment, store your coat with Accent on Leather & Fur.

Professional fur storage is the most important thing you can do to keep your fur looking beautiful and keeps it in good shape for many enjoyable years to come.

Your basement does not offer the proper conditions for fur storage. A cedar chest is never a good place for a fur coat. Not only does it not offer the proper temperature or humidity control, it makes your fur smell awful! Storage by a Accent On Leather & Fur -not a dry cleaner- is vitally important to your fur.

A dry cleaner will dry your fur. This is not intentional, but is common. The reason for this is that the dry cleaners usually have all furs delivered to them in September or October. If you do nt pick up until November, your fur has been siting in the dry cleaners facility for a month. All of the chemicals and heat that is in the air takes a toll on your coat.

As soon as the weather turns warm, your fur wants to be in a fur vault, where the temperature is chilly, and humidity controlled. The vault is kept dark, and your coat is protected from moths and other insects that thrive during the summer months. Our state-of-the-art vaults are designed to provide maximum protection and preservation of precious furs. Cleaning, glazing, and restoring are available for all your furs and shearlings.

Free Pick-Up and Delivery

Our storage rates range from $39.99 to $79.99 and if you live in our service are (call for details) we can pick-up & deliver your fur for FREE. If you are outside our service area we can arrange for insured UPS shipping both ways.