Historic Restoration

PAckard-300The trunk from a beautiful 1934 Packard that was put into service for Presidential transportation by the United States Secret Service from January 1934 to March 1940. It was then use until September 1946 by the US Army Motor Pool and at the Little Rock Army Base until August of 1946. In April of 1958 it was moved for storage by the US Air Force. From February of 1968 to June of 2012 the vehicle was missing. Once found it was deeded to the National Archives, Franklin Delano Roosevelt Library in New Hyde Park New York.

The original trunk at the time of purchase was lost and replaced by the Secret Service in February of 1934 with a metal trunk from a previous Presidential vehicle that was being retired, a 1929 Custom Built Ford. This trunk was used to hold a Secret Service weapons cache. The trunk was in poor condition and was manufactured by the Kam-Lee Corporation.

Contacted by the lead of the restoration project and selected as one of the nine people to work on the trunk, Accent on leather recreated the leather detailing on the piece. It is now proudly on display in New Hyde Park.