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Leather Furniture Repairs, Cleaning, Conditioning & Restoration

Accent On Leather is your local specialist for repair and restoration of leather furniture. Whatever damage has been done to your leather sofa chair or other piece, we can restore your leather to 'like new' condition, leaving little or no evidence of the repair. Maybe your leather living room is looking a bit shabby or it's worn out and you're thinking of replacing it, well don't throw it away just yet, for a fraction of the cost of replacement, it can usually be restored.

From a single cut to a complete re-upholstery in leather, Accent On Leather is the company to call. If you live within our service area, we will call on you at home or the office and provide a free, no obligation quote for the most cost effective way of rectifying your leather problem. We are not salesmen, we are craftsmen and if you do not wish to proceed with the work quoted for we will leave quietly and politely.

Larger cuts and tears

For larger cuts and tears in leather we would normally advise that the affected panel is replaced - we remove the affected item to our workshop where our skilled upholsterer will sew in a color and finish matched replacement panel.

Professional Cleaning

Is your leather furniture looking a little grubby? Are you having trouble trying to remove ingrained dirt? We will clean it for you, in your house, with care and attention to detail we will remove every trace of dirt from every part of your leather furniture, we go into into every crease and crevice and every fold and tuck. Beware general carpet/upholstery cleaners who claim to clean leather - we've seen a few expensive mistakes over the years, there are many different types of upholstery leather which all require different cleaning products!

Removal of stains and marks

Most types of leather are not easily stained, other than dye transference, we are sometimes called upon to remove ink marks, food or wine stains amongst others, hair dye (it is not wise to sit back in your sofa when your newly colored hair is still wet!) We can remove such marks and stains, usually without the need for removal to workshop.


Your leather chair, sofa or set may be looking a little tired, you've looked after it well but maybe it's starting to show its age, the odd scratch and scuff, a stain here and there? Wear and tear catches up with all of us eventually and this applies to furniture too! If your leather furniture is not too badly worn we can provide a professional clean, application of a color finish, perfectly matched to original and finally a clear lacquer protective coat to match original finish whether matt, satin or gloss. This process restores your furniture to 'like new' condition and reverses the effects of wear and tear. Many customers come back to us for this service every 2 - 4 years

Restoration/partial recovering.

As described above for restoration but some panels of leather are too badly worn or damaged for restoration. We can replace these panels and restore the remaining areas (all matched to original color/finish), this can still be a very cost effective way of substantially extending the life of your furniture.

Partial recovering

Your leather chair, sofa or set is badly worn and you feel it's time it went to the furniture warehouse in the sky! But wait.... it's so comfortable, part of the family even! You're not ready to part just yet but when friends or family visit you're embarrassed by this elderly relative. Well what you need to do is contact Accent On Leather, we'll replace all the worn areas (usually seats, arms and backs) and restore all those bits which don't really do anything (outside arms and backs). If you can't bear to part company with that old friend get in touch with us to arrange an appointment for a no-obligation quote.

Full recovering

If recovering of your chair, sofa or set in the leather of your choice is what you want Accent On Leather is your solution. We can do leather to leather or fabric to leather. We have hundreds of leathers, of every finish and color to choose from. Prices can vary greatly- we will provide a no-obligation quote, just call for an appointment.

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